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Features and Benefits

Get design flexibility and a product built to last with Corian® Exteriors

Thursday 5 October 2017, by Kate McElhatton

Extra Large Panels -

Our large panels can be easily built up by adhering standard panels with inconspicuous, reinforced seams. The large customized dimension allow for more possibilities in 2D/3D.

Colors run through the entire thickness, so edges are the same color as the rest of the sheet, and revealed joints will show no black gaps. Our materials will allow some diffused light transmission, depending on color giving you endless design options.


High performance durability -

  • Durable, long-lasting. Panels can be repaired, if necessary, rather than replaced (less material is needed or discarded over the life of the building)
  • Resistant to humidity, fungi and bacteria, and salt fog and sulfur dioxide (SO2)
  • Ventilated facade allows for thicker insulation and therefore may lower energy costs
  • Ventilated façade can be used for cladding renovation to reach new insulation requirements
  • UV Stable colors with excellent colorfastness.


Structural Performance -
  • Lightweight for reduced structural load
  • Flexural and tensile strength provide excellent resistance to wind loads


Fire Performance -

  • Compatibility with typical building components, structural silicone and sealants
  • Low flame spread
  • In the event of fire, Corian® Exteriors material will not melt and will not create burning droplets
  • Low smoke generation
  • When burned, it primarily releases carbon oxides and does not contain toxic halogenated gases

Maintenance -

  • There are no pores to trap dirt
  • Neither the surface nor the edges need to be sealed, painted or protected
  • Colors run through the entire thickness and cannot wear away or delaminate, making the product inherently robust
  • Even covered with some of the most difficult dirt and graffiti, the panels can be restored to their original appearance through cleaning and sanding
  • Under normal conditions, will require annual cleaning only, with standard agents such as water and detergents